Driver Safety Technology has become one of the most respected IoT Integrated Safety + Compliance + Fleet Management Solution providers in the United States.

“It’s more than a passion, it’s a calling in life. Our mission - to see no more fatalities on United States roads. DST is a movement towards intentional change blending education and technology to bring drivers home safely.”
— Steve Witt and Carlos Garcia, Co-Founders

DST Visionary Founders

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Supported by Our Dedicated PROJECT MANAGEMENT Team and Highly Trained Vehicle TECHNOLOGY integrators.


What We Believe


1. We Serve Others

Whether our valued customers, new clients, the drivers we coach, or the poor, we have made it our mission to serve others, and treat them as we ourselves wish to be treated. Good customer service isn't a philosophy, it's a way of life.

2. People Before Profit

There is no price too great to pay for better vehicle safety. We are happier to make a little serving more, than a lot serving few. That goes for our staff too, whom we pledge to always pay a better than living wage, and dignified benefits

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3. Listen. Listen. Listen.  

Many people drive in similar ways, but everyone is different. That's why when it comes to installing the right tech, we prioritize listening to make sure we match the correct tech integrations to the lifestyle. 

4. Keep it Simple

If you don't need all the bells and whistles, we're not going to recommend it. The best driver safety solutions are the simplest, that aid your driving, not take away from it. 



5. Technology + Education

The best technology is only as good as education. That's why we make sure that the drivers we help understand the best way to drive, and use the technology to enhance, and not distract their driving.


step one: comprehensive review

We have pioneered an industry first 32 step comprehensive review of your current needs, and potential solutions. We analyze your insurance data to see how selective usage of effective technology can slash your premiums by up-to 90%. We investigate how your drivers manage the roads, digest typical routes and GPS data, and utilize our in-house accident analysis team to understand which technologies may work the best for you.


step two: full package solutions

Comprehensive, thoughtfully installed technology will provide the best value for your business, and the safest solutions for your drivers. We apply our decades of experience to build systems that work better than anything else.


step three: installation specifics

Our job would be much easier if every fleet used the exact same vehicle. That isn't the case. Most fleets use vehicles from a variety of manufacturers, with different requirements, hookups, and energy outputs. We build a solution platform that works across the board. It won't matter which vehicle your driver uses today, the same technology will work in exactly the same way.


step four: scheduling and logistics

We'll work around your schedule, and coordinate timely just-in-time inspired logistics to ensure as little down-time as possible. We value timeliness and efficiency, and aim for 72 hour installation turnaround.

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We're the only business in the Aftermarket Safety Industry to offer the DST TechEdge labor warranty that exceeds the manufacturers own policy. Whatever the situation, even stray squirrels, we'll make it right. Guaranteed.

We Will Make Our Roads Safer

We are an organization formed to resolve a single issue - our mission: no more accidents on our roads. To do this, we've constructed a plan that will significantly reduce crashes through education, technology, and industry wide changes.


redesigning driver education

Did you know that 60% of all accidents happen within six months of learning to drive a vehicle? It's not the drivers fault, it's the lack of a real world education and on the job experience. DST works with your organization and driver training companies to foster an environment where drivers come first.

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advanced technology Deployment

DST's research, design and sourcing for IoT Ecosystem hardware is disrupting the market, by creating systems that work as expected, every-time.